Pray that the wifi goes out

Taking time for meaningful connection will often challenge our demanding schedules and to-do lists. So while you may not pray for your wifi to go out, perhaps don’t pray for it to come back on quickly either. Get outside and connect with the people around you.

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Is there more to God’s kingdom? The answer is a big fat ‘Yes’

“There has to be something more.” This is the phrase that Ian Green hears most often from Christians around the world today. As a former youth pastor, an international speaker and founder of the Proton Foundation – a launch pad for transformational projects based in the United Kingdom – Ian travels extensively sharing a message of the transformational power of God’s kingdom. It’s a message that says, “Yes, there is much more”.

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A mustard seed of hope

What is hope? I found the answer lying on my bed, long into my recovery process from a terrible car accident that caused me serious injury and ended the life of my wife Anna. I had a choice, and that’s when I realized what hope is. Hope is a choice. If I have faith in God’s love, it gives me hope, and hope can lift, encourage, and put a man’s feet back on the floor to stand up and take another step forward in the strength He freely gives to us, if we’ll receive it.

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Transforming Through Transition

“In times of change learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully prepared for a world that no longer exists.”  -Eric Hoffer Dana Hanna knows a lot about transition. To hear her and her husband Michael’s story, their lives have been little else for many years now. It began during a season when everything was going well. And they were really uncomfortable about it. In 2012 they were both pastoring at Gateway City…

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Transforming Toronto: Rebuilding The Heart Of Downtown


By Jim Foster, Marketplace Minister, Toronto Alliance Church God has placed a call on our hearts to reach downtown Toronto, what we call His ‘Re-Build Vision’ for our church, Toronto Alliance Church.  Like he did in Jerusalem through Ezra, Nehemiah and the people of Israel, God is now doing through us, and that is to rebuild the city on God’s terms. And just as they did in building a wall against invasion, we’ve started by building up security…

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Thinking Outside of the Box

Think outside the box

By Bruce Mann, TC Executive Director “Social facts are the values, cultural norms, and social structures which transcend the individual and are capable of exercising social control.  French sociologist Émile Durkheim defined the term, proposing that social facts ‘consist of manners of acting, thinking and feeling external to the individual,  which are invested with a coercive power by virtue of which they exercise control over the person’. Closely related to the idea of social facts…

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