Heartbreak and healing for nations

flags of nations - transform our world conference 2017

I travelled to the 2017 Transform Our World conference in San Jose with high expectations, but ended up getting a lot more than I planned. I got touched by God’s heart for Canada and the world. It wasn’t all joyful; it was painful too. But I believe this is the right mix to motivate us to go and be nation changers.

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Pray that the wifi goes out

Taking time for meaningful connection will often challenge our demanding schedules and to-do lists. So while you may not pray for your wifi to go out, perhaps don’t pray for it to come back on quickly either. Get outside and connect with the people around you.

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Is there more to God’s kingdom? The answer is a big fat ‘Yes’

“There has to be something more.” This is the phrase that Ian Green hears most often from Christians around the world today. As a former youth pastor, an international speaker and founder of the Proton Foundation – a launch pad for transformational projects based in the United Kingdom – Ian travels extensively sharing a message of the transformational power of God’s kingdom. It’s a message that says, “Yes, there is much more”.

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