Expanding The Ekklesia Vortex in the GTA and Beyond

the ekklesia (church) in the GTA and Toronto

“My heart, mind and ministry will never be the same as I begin to understand the heart and depth of the Ekklesia as Jesus taught and lived it”. This was a comment shared with me by a fellow kingdom minister as the Expanding the Ekklesia Vortex Summit was concluding earlier this month. And I received many more comments saying the same thing. That’s what a touch from Holy Spirit and a glimpse of the kingdom…

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Heartbreak and healing for nations

flags of nations - transform our world conference 2017

I travelled to the 2017 Transform Our World conference in San Jose with high expectations, but ended up getting a lot more than I planned. I got touched by God’s heart for Canada and the world. It wasn’t all joyful; it was painful too. But I believe this is the right mix to motivate us to go and be nation changers.

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Experiencing life the King’s way

Antoinette Laffreniere-Stowe didn’t know that, as she worked away in the basement storeroom of a little outreach centre, Jesus was working out a new plan for her life. Antoinette is the Director of the King’s Way Outreach Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, a centre that isn’t just meeting needs but is working to solve systemic poverty.

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Is there more to God’s kingdom? The answer is a big fat ‘Yes’

“There has to be something more.” This is the phrase that Ian Green hears most often from Christians around the world today. As a former youth pastor, an international speaker and founder of the Proton Foundation – a launch pad for transformational projects based in the United Kingdom – Ian travels extensively sharing a message of the transformational power of God’s kingdom. It’s a message that says, “Yes, there is much more”.

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A mustard seed of hope

What is hope? I found the answer lying on my bed, long into my recovery process from a terrible car accident that caused me serious injury and ended the life of my wife Anna. I had a choice, and that’s when I realized what hope is. Hope is a choice. If I have faith in God’s love, it gives me hope, and hope can lift, encourage, and put a man’s feet back on the floor to stand up and take another step forward in the strength He freely gives to us, if we’ll receive it.

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