Join us as kingdom leaders enter The Lion’s Den


A young woman creates a documentary film to show the value of the “family meal” hoping to reach a global audience through upcoming film festivals. A young man prepares to take his family environmental company to a wider North American market, with a belief in the Kingdom value of protecting creation. Another young woman develops a leadership-training program to help young people transform a city. These people and projects aren’t hypothetical examples. These are young, emerging leaders hoping to launch their Kingdom visions in the coming months.

But how do they know if they’re ready?

Leadership Edge is helping them answer that question. We launched last October, and a few weeks ago we reached the halfway point of our 10-month program with a weekend event called The Innovation Sprint. The program’s 11 emerging leaders have been honing in on their destiny as they’ve been stretched and encouraged to reach to new levels of leadership to deliver on their missional ventures. At the Innovation Sprint event, we saw God anointing these leaders with the designs, authority, provision and boldness to call on His name for workplace miracles.

We believe that these projects are meant to bring healing in the cultural, marketplace and ministry spheres these leaders represent. We know that God equips and provides for every very good work he calls us to, so we know the launching of these projects is not a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’.

So, to help answer that question, we’ve created THE LION’S DEN – A Transformational Project Pitch Event.

An emerging leader needs to know how to clearly articulate their vision and persuasively invite others to join in realizing it. The Lion’s Den will give our cohort members the opportunity to enter a kind of Kingdom-minded Dragon’s Den, helping them experience pitching in a high-pressure environment and receiving feedback on how to improve.

We’ve found that young leaders are longing to be identified for potential, mentored by their organizational leaders, and empowered to lead transformational projects within the marketplace.  When businesses and organizations actually invest in these emerging leaders, and give them the authority to lead, exponential growth often follows.

So we are inviting prospective champions, partners, stakeholders and team members to join us for the Leadership Edge Lion’s Den event at Toronto City Church on Sunday, March 18. You will hear the project pitches, listen to feedback from the Lion’s panel, offer your own advice, and possibly become a project partner or sponsor. Perhaps it will even inspire your own transformational project!

We all desire the healing of our nation. We need kingdom leaders to rise up and carry out the ventures that will bring that healing. If you have a desire to also see that happen, join us and help these leaders get ready to fulfill their destinies.



Here are the projects being pitched:

Kingdom Business Projects

  • A brand new vision for a communication business and the way it partners with clients to exponentially increase value to the client, and sets pricing based on value-added and not on services rendered
  • A plan to take environmental clean-up technology and services to a new North American-wide industry in a way that will transform the way they care for creation in that industry
  • A vision to multiply accounting services currently serving high-net worth individuals and companies in Canada, scaling to a much broader clientele
  • A company launching a key health food product with a new direct-delivery model to focus on serving their largest market in the eastern USA & Canada
  • A public speaker is designing a plan to turn some key coaching content into speaking engagements for a much wider audience this year, especially among a broad network of churches in Canada and the USA
  • A documentary film about Toronto’s food scene and the value of family meals, with plans to launch at the upcoming TIFF Festival

Kingdom Not-for-Profit Projects 

  • A transformational leadership development program at a key church involved in city transformation, preparing it to establish a School of Transformation for emerging adults
  • The launch of a public speaking organization with inspirational presentations addressing mental health, bullying, suicide, hopelessness in high schools and college/universities in Southern Ontario
  • A vision to empower a large network of youth through a mentoring and empowerment program, especially with those caught in culture of drugs, sex and crime
  • A leadership development program with a plan to prepare transformational leaders in a network of Spanish churches in the Greater Toronto Area through a coaching and training roll-out
  • A successful children’s program being launched among First Nations families and children in schools in New Brunswick


  1. Hello, I am confirming for two.

  2. Hi Danielle, thanks for letting us know! If you’re on Facebook, please also visit our Event page below and indicate your attendance.

  3. What a fabulous way to encourage and equip new leaders. I’m super curious to know more about how to apply to participate in your leadership program. I’m currently directing s new social entrepreneurial project that shares the Gospel through unique shared meals. I would love to get connected to your mentors.

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