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Daughters of Eve

Author: Jill Morris

Synopsis: In order to free both women and men to embrace the destiny that God planned for each of us, we need to go right back to the beginning and address where it all started going wrong.

Based on historical accounts, author, minister and spiritual intercessor Jill Morris pulls back the layers of Canadian history, uncovering how a relative few women progressed the rights and social value of all women to the place it is today.  Her book stands as a testament to their hard-won efforts, but points out an obvious truth: the job isn’t finished yet.

Daughters of Eve offers spiritual insight into why that is.  By looking at the spiritual basis of who women and men were meant to be – individually and in relationship with one another – Jill offers hope that the ‘battle of the sexes’ can finally be won… by everyone.




Checking Into Faith

Author: Ian Green

Synopsis: Checking into Faith removes the vagueness of faith. It takes you on a journey real life stories, biblical narratives and fundamental mind-sets’ and actions to see faith ‘s objectives realized.

You will discover that faith:

  • is the currency of heaven, not optional extra
  • pleases God, and no one can please him without it
  • gives you the ability to live beyond the natural and to move into the supernatural- it’s the door way into a much larger life
  • has a definition: it is the inner conviction that God will do it
  • is the title deed for what your are believing for
  • breaks open brand new worlds to explore and enjoy
  • and much more!

Checking into faith is for those who want to live in the supernatural dimension they were created for.



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