Jesus in the Classroom

Not once did I mention the name of Jesus in that classroom, but a small paper disk with a prayerfully written word of encouragement impacted a life. This has happened more times than I can count. The essence of transformation is not so much that we preach Christ, but that we live him…

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ITN Global Conference Recap

TOW Global Conference

It was the best ITN conference ever! No one left the same as they came in. 19 Canadians plus 1,100 others from 23 countries. The conference was energized by Ed Silvoso’s unfolding of his new book “The Ekklesia – will the real church stand up?” No one left the same as they came in…

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Risky Business | Part 1

Risky Business | Part One

I don’t know if you have noticed it or not, but our society spends a tremendous amount of energy trying to eliminate any form of risk from our everyday lives. Government and business are preoccupied with the issues of risk management. The time, energy and resources spent on the attempt to eliminate risk from our lives are becoming an increasingly heavy weight for our society to carry. Don’t misunderstand me; I’m not suggesting that we…

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Prayer for Election


Canada is in the midst of a Federal election campaign. It’s a critical time that will have an enormous impact on Canada’s future. All of us need to make informed decisions as we vote. We need to be strategic in our prayers both personally and corporately….

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A Picture of Unity


One of the most compelling transformational influences of the Ekklessia is functional unity. Scripture uses several images to help us understand unity. Two of the most powerful are the images of stones in a house and the different members of a body…

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Applied Prayer Evangelism

Prayer - Standing in the Gap

Creation groans for God’s children to release leaves of the tree of life to free a desperate world. Each city needs a core leadership team, where an intercessor is represented with marketplace and pulpit leaders, and also connected to the larger intercessor group…

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