Disruptive Innovators – Part 2/3

In my last article, I defined what it means to be a kingdom disruptor; an agent of glorious innovation led with the mind of Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit.  I also explained that God wants to bring everything in creation back into right relationship with its Creator, and wants to use you to do it.  In this second part of a three-part series, I want to talk about what kingdom innovation looks like,…

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Disruptive Innovators

Light bulb was destroyed by electrical energy

You are a disruptive innovator. As a follower of Christ you have a new identity, a kingdom identity. The explosive, life-giving power of God’s Holy Spirit, who lives in you through Christ, enables you to shake the foundations of the earth and restore…

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Jesus in the Classroom

Not once did I mention the name of Jesus in that classroom, but a small paper disk with a prayerfully written word of encouragement impacted a life. This has happened more times than I can count. The essence of transformation is not so much that we preach Christ, but that we live him…

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